With great excitement, we announce that Clutch has named us one of the top PPC management services in New York and the #1 in Poland! We also were recognized as the #1 Digital Agency in Poland. Clutch is a top market research firm, providing industry insights and verified client reviews for B2B service providers in markets across the world. After being the subject of intense research, we were ranked sixth overall out of almost 150 of the top PPC marketing firms in New York, one of the Top Web Design Agencies in Poland and fifth in Top PPC Management Services for Realtor sector, earning us the title of an industry leader. We also are listed among the best business-to-business (B2B) service providers as industry leaders in New York City.

Although Clutch analysts consider a large number of factors when evaluating the firms on their platform, the number one consideration is what a firm’s clients have to say about them. We maintain a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on the platform as a result of verified client reviews, with our partners saying things like,

“adCookie makes us feel like we’re all part of the same team. They have our best interests at heart; they’re not just there to make money.”

We stand behind the work that we do for our clients, and we are delighted to know that our clients stand behind it as well. This channel for feedback means a great deal to us, and we are looking forward to seeing what else our clients have to say about us and our work.

To add to our growing list of accolades, we are featured on The Manifest as the top 2 digital agency in New York and the top 3 among the best social media marketing companies in Poland. The Manifest supplies firms across dozens of industries with insights and how-to guides for any number of business challenges. We were featured with notice being taken of the affordability of our services and the reputation of our clients. And to further bolster our reputation online, we have joined other top web designers in creating a profile on Visual Objects, a portfolio sharing site for firms to shop and compare the services of B2B vendors.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us, and placed their trust in our services. It has been a pleasure working with each and every one of you, helping you grow your businesses. We cannot wait to see what else you have for us and believe us when we say that we are just getting started.