Hiring decisions require a lot of time and effort because you want to make sure you choose the right person for a position. The decision is even more important when you are picking an advertising agency. You might hire the best employee, but what good is that if your company has no clients? Picking the wrong agency can cost you money and reflect poorly on your decision making.

By selecting a great advertising agency, you can stand out and become the most recognized name in your market. A large agency may sound more prestigious, but sometimes a smaller agency is better suited to your specific needs. Three main areas to consider when hiring an advertising agency are their skills and experience, communication, and cost and flexibility.



  • Skills and Experience

The first thing you look at when bringing in new personnel is a resume. Follow the same plan for comparing advertising agencies. You should research each agency’s past projects and favour those that have at least some experience in your project’s field. This will be the first step towards narrowing down your options.

Next, conduct some interviews. Speaking directly with an agency will give you a better understanding of what they have worked on before and provide a clear window into how they operate and approach a project. Client reviews can testify as to how well the agency completed previous work to the client’s specifications.

If you are left picking between a few agencies of different sizes, a small agency might be best. They can be more focused, having a niche skill set that could be perfect for your intended project. Smaller agencies also have a more personal feel during the interview process as you will meet the exact people who are going to work on your project.




  • Communication

Whatever your project vision may be, you should communicate it to the agency to the best of your ability. While you will want to leave room for creativity, be as clear and detailed as possible to receive work that meets your expectations.

If you select a large agency, there could be some room for miscommunication. Small ad agencies offer you a compact team completely dedicated to your project and ensure that you always have a point of contact in the agency.

Make sure to check in consistently throughout the project to offer more guidance if needed, communicating problems if they arise and explaining your concerns. Trust their experience, but you should also speak up if you have something to add.




  • Cost and Flexibility

How much do you think your project is going to cost? You will have to negotiate a budget with the agency you select and outline a plan for how that money will be spent. Shop around a little bit to compare other prices and know you are getting a great deal.

You may find that smaller agencies tend to be cheaper because they have more cost-saving options. Your company will be paying for the work you get, unlike larger agencies which operate with higher overhead costs and need to make up for that with each job.

Smaller agencies also tend to have more flexibility in how they proceed to complete your project, not needing to follow an exact corporate structure. This can be a huge help if new circumstances arise and you need some details to be changed.

Find the Best Agency for Your Project

Hiring an outside agency to assist with your advertising efforts will always carry some risk. However, by thoroughly researching their skills and experience, you can select one that will be able to provide work that meets your expectations.

Then, communicating with them throughout the process will help you steer them in the right direction and avoid any unwanted surprises. Finally, having a ballpark number in mind for your budget will help you narrow your choices and keep your costs lower.

Smaller agencies excel in all of these aspects and they typically specialize in specific areas. You can trust that they will be more dedicated to your project, unlike larger agencies that may turn their focus to a bigger, more expensive client that they deem more important.

Luckily for you, their smaller size also helps turn their lower operating costs into a lower price tag.

If you are interested in seeing what a small, dedicated agency has to offer your business, contact us today!